The name Sinister Pointe may not seem too familiar to some of you, but if you are a haunt enthusiast in the Southern California area, my guess is that you have probably been to at least one of our Haunted Attractions created by Sinister Pointe Productions..


Our team has been developing professional haunts  since 1996. Our first commercial  Haunted Attraction was located in Anaheim Hills (Orange County), California in the Festival Center. It was simply called "Nightmares 96'", and our new production company "Bloodline Productions" was on the rise.


As we matured over the years by growing, expanding and a company merger, we then became "Dark Gate Entertainment". We began developing our own custom props and animatronics and entered into the retail business, selling many products at all the big conventions and retail stores.

After a few years we realized that the retail business and the never ending "Assembly Line" type of work wasn't for us. We needed to concentrate on what we do best, and that was design unique and exciting Haunted Attraction.

With now over 17 years of experience and creating dozens upon dozens of haunts around the world. We are now the company that fans, friends and family have come to know today.

Sinister Pointe Productions